Blue Lagoon Meetup Information

We will be at spot "GORILLA" on the far side of Lagoon 1 at Blue Lagoon in Huntsville.

Meetup time is 10 am (when the lagoon opens). Earlier in the day is always better for weather and diving visibility. The faculty sponsor plans on leaving the lagoon by 1pm but as long as you still have dive buddies (and parents/guardians present if under 18) you are welcome to stay longer.

Let the Faculty Sponsor, Lt Col Chris McMartin, know if you'd like to attend (just so he'll know how many divers to expect). Email address is at bottom of page.

Blue Lagoon is about 1 hour 15 minutes from The Woodlands--click HERE for directions.

Entry fees for divers are $20; non-divers are $22.

If you're under 18, you must have a parent accompany you (there is paperwork they must sign). If YOU are diving (either certified or in training), your parent does not have to pay the $22 entry fee (unless they're also diving). However, if you're just coming to check it out/hang out and are under 18, your parent must come too, AND they must pay the $22 entry fee (it's a liability issue). However, feel free to swim/snorkel.

If you're not yet certified and plan to come out with an instructor, you are welcome to share our "spot." Your parents will still need to come out to sign the liability paperwork. You will need to complete your academic classes and confined-water dives (in a pool) before diving for your open water dives at the Lagoon. Usually you spread the Lagoon dives over two days, so plan accordingly!

You can bring your own gear, rent gear at the Lagoon, or pre-arrange to rent from a local shop. Gear rental rates are on their page HERE. You can probably rent what you need cheaper through a local shop.

Chime in on our REMIND group with any questions...text @twhsscu to 81010; or email Faculty Sponsor Lt Col Chris McMartin at